Erin Riley is currently the highest qualified Specialist CranioSacral Therapist in the Australasia region. As well as running a busy private consulting practice Erin also travels extensively to teach and mentor other therapists.

Evolve Manual Therapy is about assisting clients to transform on a Mind-Body Level in all aspects of their lives. The avenue for this is through hands-on therapeutic touch as well as the use of therapeutic imagery and dialogue. It is also about facilitating the clients own unique creative expression.

The design brief was to revise the existing Evolve Manual Therapy brand, to give it a fresh new face, while retaining key elements such as the key colour and spiral icon, while placing more emphasis on the word “Evolve”.

Both the business name and spiral logo symbolise that Evolve Manual Therapy can help people to evolve, as well as a personal commitment from Erin to continue to evolve and become the best version of herself.

Branding and design service included full set of logos, portrait and landscape, additional graphic elements, style guide, email signature, Facebook design, business stationery.

A new responsive website was also designed and built for Erin to manage and update herself.