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Kyrie Kohlhagen is a creative lateral thinker who constantly applies her spatial and visual perspective to all areas of her life. Over the past 25 years, Kyrie’s career has become a beautiful blend of marketing, brand development, interior styling, product and web design Рinfused with her unique sense of style.

In 2012 an intuitive heart-tug led Kyrie on an uncharted journey from designer to counsellor. She immersed herself in full time study to learn all about the psyche, emotional intelligence, and the mind-body connection. Kyrie continued to run her design business during this time, juggling student and freelance life!

Following completion of her psychotherapy qualification in 2015, Kyrie combined her personal love and respect of aromatherapy with her new skills in emotional healing and founded Kindred Self – a heart based business designed to encourage and inspire self-acceptance and healing.

Then, in late 2018, the next heart-tug took hold. Passionate about maintaining balance and practicing self-care, Kyrie wanted to create a space where people could connect and be supported to live a well life. And this is how Urban Wellness came to be.

Kyrie now works from her studio in Port Adelaide and cleverly blends her counselling, aromatherapy, creativity and innovative problem solving skills to support her clients on a personal and business level. Kyrie also continues to fuel her creative passions through product development and a small amount of freelance design, choosing projects that closely align with her own values.


Outside the studio you will find Kyrie relaxing at her beachside abode, tending to her 80+ indoor plants, loving her family, volunteering for Lucky Little Paws animal rescue, and ensuring her cats Banjo + Rollie receive all the hugs they need!