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Singing Taste Buds

By September 15, 2013October 20th, 2013No Comments

This week Denis and I spent a day with the ladies from Let Them Eat for a food styling and photography session at our Denis Smith Photography Studio… put it this way, our stomachs were given extra special attention all day!

I’m currently designing the new Let Them Eat website, so one of the main purposes of the day was to beautifully capture their extensive menu so I have a great resource of images to draw on. Professionally captured photos present any product in the best possible way and will greatly enhance the business brand overall. Lighting is the key to maintain consistency, and as you can see by the results below, Denis did an all round amazing job –  my taste buds are singing just looking at these pics!



My vision for the photos was also to incorporate the new Let Them Eat brand. Here you can see some examples of how their new logo set can work as watermarks. Watermarked images are a great way to ensure your brand/product is always linked back to you. This is particularly important when using social media sites like Facebook. If your image is shared, your brand will always be associated with the image – it’s simply another way to leverage the viral marketing that Facebook offers!




Photographer: Denis Smith
Stylist/Graphic Designer: Kyrie Kohlhagen
Client: Let Them Eat

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