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This is me, my business, my baby … in a logo

By March 16, 20132 Comments

I finished a new brand for Kerin Burford Photography this week, and I have to say that working on this project was such a rewarding experience. I really felt how personal a logo can be to someone – particularly when you solely operate a business and are actually the brand! This is the case with Kerin’s photography. Kerin completely puts her whole heart and soul into every moment she captures with the camera. So that’s why the development of her new brand was an emotional journey, and a big step forward. Change can sometimes be scarey but then it opens new doors too!


The brief was to develop a feminine, vintage, delicate and whimsy brand. To use textures in the way of wood, linen, papers, lace and vintage fabrics. It was also important to incorporate a bird and leaves into the logo, as these symbols hold very personal meanings to Kerin.

Many hand drawn elements were created to provide variety and flexibility when using the logo across products, packaging, stationery and online marketing.


My heart is happy because Kerin is overwhelmed (in a good way) about the work I have done for her. Yesterday when I got home, I found these beautiful flowers waiting for me as a thank you gift. I am feeling so warm and fuzzy about this I just had to share!

“This is me, my business, my baby … in a logo” read more of Kerin’s feedback on her blog here >


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